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CareMedica Benefits

  • One simple connection

    Instant Setup

    CareMedica is available as 'Plug and Play'. Simply signup, configure in 5 minutes and it fits with your existing system. It takes only 5 minutes to set up your own EHR with CareMedica.

  • New customers

    Easier Collaboration

    Collaborate with medical personnel and with partners like laboratories for better Patient Care. Multiple Medical Personnel within or across departments can review a patient's case at the same time, ensuring smoother collaboration among personnel.

  • Time

    Instant Report Generation

    Get accurate insight on what really matters. Enabling you to make more accurate decisions and grow faster.

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Are you a physician?

CareMedica has every thing you need to run your practice: Chart Patient notes, e-Billing, e-Prescribe, send and receive lab investigations from your EHR, Ante-natal Care, Surgery, Manage Allergies... and more with accurate insight.

CareMedica securely organizes your patient information: Clinical, Insurance and more.

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