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CareMedica is a Free, Web-based Electronic Health Records(EHR) specifically designed for the healthcare sector with the aim of making her operations paperless and reducing operation time and running cost.  CareMedica is FREE and has  arguably the best user experience.

Organise your patient health records easily, create chart notes, electronic prescription, connect your lab, connect other users, bill patients, view reports… and much more

This is the best you can get when it comes to healthcare management system, you can log on to www.caremedica.com.ng/caremedica-register.php to sign up for free and start using it. Also, if you prefer running it offline or you want a customized platform, we can do that for you at a very cheap and considerable rate depending on the size of organization.

What are you waiting for, Create your Free EHR,  www.caremedica.com.ng/caremedica-register.php today and take a step ahead. It takes about 5 minutes or less.

For feedback, support and suggestions, mail our support team: support@caremedica.com.ng

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