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CareMedica( Systems is a Nigerian pioneer in the emerging Web-based Electronic Health Records System niche with a unique equitable solution.

It is a full service Web-based Electronic Health Records System that provides a platform for doctors and other medical professionals to collaborate for effective patient care. CareMedica is setting the pace for Web-based Electronic Health Records System Nigeria.


The appeal of Web-based solutions has made the technology the fastest growing segment in the electronic medical records (EMR) market, according to a new report from New York-based market research publisher Kalorama Information. The 2011 sales growth rate was at 22 percent. Most of those sales went to private, office-based physicians.

According to a 2010 report by Accenture, nearly one-third of healthcare providers were already using cloud applications and another 73% reported they were planning to move more applications to the cloud. More healthcare organizations are using cloud computing as they implement plans to meet the Meaningful use incentives, but also as a way to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.


Web-based Electronic Health Records System supports a more intelligent, connected and aligned health system. It simplifies daily work processes for healthcare professionals through user-friendly apps and provides immediate access to the latest health information to support patient and population health decisions. The Nigerian market is a ripe and scarcely populated market. The cashless policy being promoted by the Nigerian government is creating an enabling environment for Web-based Electronic Health Records System to thrive.

CareMedica Systems has a mission to assist medical professionals in providing quality healthcare at reduced cost by providing a free, patient focussed, easily accessible EHR and other innovative technology-assisted medical platforms.

The system is currently building the largest database of real-time healthcare information for meaningful insight for better healthcare delivery globally.

CareMedica has unique features in its Web-based Electronic Health Records System. The services offered by CareMedica are;

  • Patient Health Records
  • e-Prescribing
  • Medical Charting
  • Laboratory Integration
  • e-Billing
  • Ante-natal Care

CareMedica has everything a medical practitioner needs to run its practice: Chart Patient notes, e-Billing, e-Prescribe, send and receive lab investigations from your EHR, Antenatal Care, Surgery, Manage Allergies… and more with accurate insight.

CareMedica securely organizes patient information: Clinical, Insurance and more.

Here is the interesting thing about the solution; it is Free and set up takes only 5 minutes to setup.

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CareMedica Systems- Nigeria’s First Free, Web-Based Electronic Health Records (EHR) System


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Nigeria has been termed Africa’s destination ground for investment following the rebasing of its GDP.

The rebasing of Nigeria’s GDP revealed other sectors that are contributing immensely to the economy other than oil and gas. These sectors are; creative (Entertainment and Fashion), Telecommunications (Technology), real estate and agriculture.

Nigeria’s tech industry which is one of the key contributors of the economy is a young and vibrant one. A number of telecommunications owned by local and foreign investors have sprung up in the country in the last decade and has contributed in great measure in creating jobs opportunity, and boosting the economy. Key examples are; MTN, GLO, Etisalat, Airtel, InterSwitch, IrokoTV, Paga, just to name a few.

Inside Nigeria’ Information technology industry lies a young and vibrant firm called CareMedica Systems, the owners of Nigeria’s First Free, Web-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) System called CareMedica.

About CareMedica

CareMedica is a free Web-based Electronic Health Records System that provides a platform for doctors and other medical professionals to collaborate for effective patient care. It is a robust real-time healthcare insight for the world’s most populous black nation. Quoting Delos Cosgrove, CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic, “the practice of medicine has never been more technologically dependent than it is now, and it only become more so” because according to Todd L, MD, FACEP, Clinical Instructor, University of Michigan Medical School “The number one patient complaint is having to wait too long. And these days especially, we can’t afford patient dissatisfaction”. Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, Minister of Health, Federal Republic of Nigeria nailed it when he said “Medical practice demands much more standards than other sectors. We have to do all to meet the standards” CareMedica is the solution to medical challenge in Nigeria and Africa at large.


The Market Potential for CareMedica

With over 168 million potential patients, over 65, 000 registered medical doctors in Nigeria, over 100,000 paramedical, tons of Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare manufacturers and resellers, CareMedica stands a chance to becoming Africa’s largest Web-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) System judging from its robustness and market size.
Overview of CareMedica

In few minutes, a user (Doctor or any medical personal) sign up and starts Charting with patients in minutes anywhere, anytime and anyplace. CareMedica does not require any software to install, no hidden fees, no prior learning curve. It has on-time support.

CareMedica Business Model

  • The business model of CareMedica includes;
  • Build the Best EHR nationwide and beyond.
  • Make it free for medical professionals to use.
  • Make it engaging and easy-to-use such that medical professionals do their daily work on it.
  • Build the largest real-time healthcare database in Africa for health insight into the world’s most populous black nation.


  • First CareMedica installation, Emmanuel Medical Centre, Osun State, Nigeria (January, 2013)
  • Installed CareMedica, refined, in Olugbon Medical Centre, Oyo State Nigeria (July, 2013).
  • Installed CareMedica, redeveloped, in Grace Medical        Centre, Ogun State, Nigeria (April, 2014)
  • Launched CareMedica Web App- (June, 2014)

Strategies for Revenue Generation

  • CareMedica will generate revenue through advertisements of relevant medical products by manufacturers and resellers to medical professionals nationwide.
  • It will also generate revenue through on-site installation of CareMedica systems (software) for hospitals and chains of medical centres.
  • And also by monetizing real-time healthcare insights to agencies, governments and individuals


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CareMedica; Nigeria’s First Hospital Management System- Your Hospital in a Tab!

CareMedicaCareMedica Systems rolls out Nigeria’s first indigenous, free, web-based Hospital Management System, CareMedica.

CareMedica is an ingenious Electronic Health Records System that lets you collect vast medical data, medical histories, clinical images, laboratory test results, and lots more.

According to Abiodun Sulaiman, CEO, CareMedica Systems, “CareMedica provides the link between the array of information needed for optimized diagnoses and the creation of treatment plans. It facilitates the exchange of data and optimizes clinical workflows”.


How it Works

CareMedica captures even the minutest clinical information on a patient. A physician can click on a patient’s name to review the records, and can drill to as much detail as needed. All laboratory reports and other information are stored digitally. Everything is captured electronically, so medical personnel have a complete instantly available picture of every time and every way the hospital touches the patient.

The result of using CareMedica is improved quality healthcare at reduced cost.

CareMedica does not only save time, it saves live and it is absolutely FREE…

To get started, simply click and enjoy the luxury of having your hospital in your tab and interacting with patients real time anywhere, any day, anytime.

Send all inquiries to; or call +234-803-0666-858.

CareMedica…your hospital on your tab.

CareMedica- The Free, Web-based EHR

Getting Started Video Tutorial

Create your Free EHR and get started: Add/Import Patients, create chart notes, e-prescribe and connect your lab in minutes.


CareMedica helps you to:
Organize your Patient's History
Record Patient encounters
e-Prescribe for your patients
Connect your lab
Add, Connect and Collaborate with users
Bill Patients
Generate Reports
... And Much More