CareMedica Promises Health IT and it Delivers.

healthitIf you are still storing sharing and analyzing health information on paper, you may want to have a taste of the promise of health IT, but if your full operation as a health care provider or patient is being optimized by health information technology, I bet you must be wondering how the heck you survived without it!

The term “health information technology” (health IT) is a broad concept that encompasses an array of technologies to store, share, and analyze health information. More and more, health care providers globally and in Nigeria are taking advantage of health IT to improve patient care.

You are a Key Part of the Team that keeps you Healthy!

Interestingly, health IT isn’t just for health care providers. You can use health IT to better communicate with your doctor, learn and share information about your health, and take actions that will improve your quality of life. The myth of your health information being a secret has been leveled with health IT. Now you can have direct access to their health information online in ways that help preserve privacy and security. This access enables you to keep better track of your care, and in some cases, answer your questions immediately rather than waiting hours or days to keep appointments with your doctor.

What is in Health IT for you?

Secured EHRs

With health IT, your Electronic Health Records (EHRs), sometimes called “electronic medical records” will be better secured.

There have been countless of cases in Nigeria where people’s health record on paper got completely lost as a result of theft, fire outbreak or a few other disasters! That is a colossal loss that can cost a life!

So if you are still keeping your patients’ records on paper as a care provider, you are miles behind time, and please if your care provider is not recording your health information electronic, you are putting your health in line!

You are Placed in Control of your Health

One of the many advantages of CareMedica Systems, which also applies to standard EHRs, is the Personal health records (PHRs) feature. A PHR is a lot like an EHR, except that you control what kind of information goes into it.

Currently in Nigeria, less than 3% hospitals operate a PHR system. Patients can keep track of information from their doctor’s visits.  It also reflects their life outside the doctor’s office and their health priorities, such as tracking of food intake, exercise, and blood pressure, reminders to take medications, etc.

I believe that we can prevent another heart attack or kidney failure by optimizing a PHR.

No More Prescription Misinterpretation!

Only heaven can tell us how many pharmacists have given the wrong drugs or dosage to patients as a result of prescription misinterpretation or ineligibility of doctors writing. E-prescribing allows your doctor to communicate directly with your pharmacy. This means you can go to the pharmacy to pick up medicine without having to bring the paper prescription.  What a sigh of relief!

The sweet spot is that health IT is very affordable, much more affordable than you thought. You can have an EHR installed online or offline at your own rate and enjoy the CareMedica experience!

If you would just have a taste of the promise of health IT, you would not help giving yourself a knock as to why it took so long to make the switch!


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