Having The Key To Your Health And Well-being At Your Fingertip!

fingertipPatients will stay healthier if they can whisk out their health record history on demand; care providers will make better-informed treatment decisions if they can quickly review a patient’s medical history when it really matters.

Can you imagine an emergency situation that requires immediate attention, where timely intervention can determine the survival of a patient and the care providers are clueless about the patient and how to best offer care because the patient has no paper health record with them. It is better imagined than experienced!

I can recall one of my ante-natal visits to the health centre that I registered with somewhere in Abuja Nigeria during my early period of pregnancy. I was kept waiting for well over an hour after I presented my hand-held card to them. After waiting for almost forever, one of attendants at the record came to apologize to me that they can’t locate my file that will need to get a fresh one. It was not a bizarre because I had made only two visits prior the time and had not carried out many tests.

I cringe at the thought of that being the day of delivery, what lame excuse would have sufficed? That was supposed to be a private hospital where such negligence are minimal compared to the government owned Nigerian hospitals.

I once had a revealing conversation with a doctor friend of mine who works at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). She explained to me some of the reasons why it seems as though LUTH records high death toll during emergency. According her, most patients are rushed down to LUTH as a final resort during emergency without their detailed health record with them. More than half of the time, they lose those patients as a result of time wasted in creating a fresh record through rerunning of tests or re-diagnosing.

CareMedica Systems, one of Nigeria’s EHRs well trusted by doctors and other health practitioners is leading the campaign in creating the awareness of a Personal Health Record (PHR) system and deploying the solution to hospitals across Nigeria to curb this menace.

CareMedica captures and presents all the relevant data, records, diagnoses and advice of a patient all in one place. With patient’s permission, everyone involved in a patients’ care could access what they need to. There would be no need for repeated history and focus will be on the ‘new’ information.

With CareMedica, a patient health condition can be monitored real-time and it provides necessary data that could be shared with other doctors and care providers. This improves diagnoses and treatment plans.

Nigerian health care system will be headed in the right direction if they will just be CareMedica compliant.

You never know when you might have to go into the hospital- it might be emergency or planned, but with your readily available PHR at your fingertip, you are a giant step closer to protecting their most valuable asset – your health and wellbeing!

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