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Why CareMedica

In healthcare, a vast amount of administrative and medical data is collected: medical histories, clinical images, laboratory test results, and lots more.

CareMedica provides the link between the array of information needed for optimized diagnoses and the creation of treatment plans. It facilitates the exchange of data and optimizes clinical workflows.

Our Goal

Our goal is improved quality healthcare at reduced costs by implementing an easy-to-use, reliable, fully integrated Electronic Health Records System to be used in hospitals, clinics, partners like labs, and more, however big or small.

How we do it

CareMedica captures even the minutest clinical information on a patient. A physician can click on a patient's name to review the records, and can drill to as much detail as needed. All laboratory reports and other information are stored digitally. Everything is captured electronically, so medical personnel have a complete instantly available picture of every time and every way the hospital touches the patient.

The Result

The result: improved quality healthcare at reduced cost.

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