Medical Billing

Never lose a dime to carelessness or fraud again. CareMedica allows ou to bill patients from your EHR and set services price.

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Medical Billing

CareMedica allows you to perform e-billing for your patients. Set prices for every service and each point of care complies. Connect your cashiers and start receiving payments using CareMedica for accurate reports.

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Never lose a dime again

Integrate CareMedica billing platform and set prices for each service offered, from consultation to medications to surgery and more. Include Patient Insurance and set discounts for concerned patients.

Flexible Billing Solution

CareMedica billing solution is very flexible, enabling privileged staff to bill patient and set prices. Also, discount set by Admin is automatically applied to concern patients for insurance and other groups.

Discounted Billing Solution

CareMedica billing solution allows you to create different patient groups and insurance and apply disount on different services to them. This helps in managing your insurance patients easily with detailed reporting available on each.

Transparent Billing

Encourage transparent billing in yor hospital. Simply set service prices and all point of care comply. Connect your payment points to start receiving payments via CareMedica.

Accurate Finacial Reporting

CareMedica gives you overview and detailed insight into how your hospital is doing financially...

  • See how each hospital sector is doing, compared to one another
  • Compare financial reports
  • View pending payments
  • View detailed financial reporting

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