Easy e-Prescribing

CareMedica enables you to easily e-Prescribe from your EHR. With patient's current and previous medications organised.

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Computer screenshot of CareMedica e-Prescription


Our e-prescribing allows you to prescribe medication easily and securely. Also, patient's current and past medications can be viewed and printed easily as need be.

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e-Prescribing, the effective way

CareMedica e-prescribing comes with easy ways to prescribe medications. The system gives you freedom to select medications and diagnosis with ICD10 diagnosis codes.

View medications

View patient's current and previous medications with all needed information instantly available. Discontinue medication when necessary and have your EHR capture it as previous medication instantly.

Print medications

Print patient's medications easily when needed while the EHR copy remains within the system. Its Flexible and Efficient e-prescribing.

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