Medical Charting

Start charting and make clinical notes with easy-to use custommizable templates that fits into your specific workflow

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Computer screenshot of CareMedica Medical Charting

Medical Charting

Record Patient Encounters quickly and easily as clinical notes in an instant with our predefined templates customizable it to your unique workflow

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Medical Charting, the effective way

CareMedica medical charting comes with easy ways to chart and make clinical notes. With an increasingly growing number of chart templates, you can start charting right away

Customize it your own way

Our charts are so flexible, you can customize and update it to always fit into your unique workflow. Simply, pull up the clinical guide, add new templates or update existing one and you have your unique template.

Clerk Patients Faster

Our up-to-date, easily customizable medical charting allows medical doctors to make clinical notes, faster than they can write or type. Get and document patient information faster. Reduce patient waiting time.

Clinical Note filing

No need to carry around large patient files for returning patients as all clinical notes and charts are securely saved and organized for continuation.

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